Water & Waste Water Treatment

Framework contracts with water companies covering all aspects of our services. 

Mines & Quarries

Design and manufacture of robust system solutions which meet industry standards and requirements.


Heavy Industrial

Design, manufacture and installation of steelwork to suit a wide range of projects.


Bulk Handling & Conveyors

Bulk storage and handling designed to handle your materials and meet your needs.



Welcome to Tecker, your partner for industrial process control and instrumentation solutions.

At Tecker, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions to engineering problems, promoting the growth of a quality professional engineering company.

We’re not just about results; we’re about people first. We’ve cultivated a relaxed and purposeful working environment where every individual matters. Our team thrives in a space that promotes balance, creativity, and meaningful work. We believe that it’s our dedication to this ethos that sets us apart, encouraging original thinking and nurturing a collaborative spirit. This balance is fundamental to our success, and helps us continue to attract, develop and retain some of the brightest minds in engineering.

Who are Tecker?

With over 35 years of expertise in the fields of PLCs, SCADA, DCS, PID, VSD, and data communications, Tecker is an established MEICA contractor (Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumental, Control, and Automation) with a proven track record specialising in designing, engineering, and implementing cost-effective solutions to meet engineering challenges. Our extensive electrical installation services and the ability to export MCCs and control panels worldwide make us a leading UK supplier of motor control and system integration solutions.

Our highly skilled and multi-disciplined workforce based in the South West, extends first-class services to clients throughout the UK, focusing on the utility, commercial, manufacturing, and industrial sectors.

Why Tecker?

Tecker’s services are delivered to the highest standards, with a focus on Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental protocols. We are proud holders of ISO certifications (9001, 14001, 18001) and uphold an excellent record in safety.

Our commitment to training and professional development ensures continued growth in parallel with our dynamic apprenticeship programme.

Our ability to develop and install tailored systems have received local and national recognition, earning us multiple awards.

How can Tecker help?

Tecker excels as an engineering service provider, catering to diverse industries in both the public and private sectors.

Our primary goal is to empower our clients to remain at the forefront of their sectors, enhancing their output and service quality. We do this by offering economical engineering solutions and services that resolve their issues efficiently.




Control Philosophy




Knowledge hub and case studies

Our knowledge hub and case studies archive is a rich resource designed to provide you with valuable insights and practical information.

Our articles delve into industry trends, share expert advice, and feature innovative ideas. Our case studies bring these insights to life, showcasing real-world applications of strategies and solutions. We invite you to explore this hub of information, gain inspiration, learn from our experiences and share your own.

Tecker's Sustainability Promise

Tecker’s commitment to sustainability is paramount in devising engineering solutions. Our team strive to ensure that all products are designed with the environment and efficiency in mind. In doing so, we are able to create innovative solutions and scenarios while reducing embodied and operational carbon costs and protecting natural resources.

We understand that in today’s world, it’s not enough to simply offer high-quality services; we must also ensure that our operations are ecologically responsible and ethically sound.

That’s why we pledge to prioritise sustainability at every level of our business. From sourcing materials through ethical and fair trade practices to implementing energy-efficient production methods, we’re dedicated to reducing our ecological footprint.

Working with Tecker

Working at Tecker is an experience that combines purposeful engagement with a relaxed culture. We maintain a balance between being a high-performing contractor and fostering an environment that promotes well-being and job satisfaction. Our offices are designed to encourage collaboration, creativity, and innovation, with flexible work schedules. Furthermore, our team ethos and inclusive policies reflect our commitment to creating a supportive, diverse, and dynamic workplace. Being part of Tecker means being part of a community where everyone is motivated by a shared vision and objectives, and where every contribution is valued.

At Tecker, we are particularly proud of our dynamic  programme, designed to nurture the next generation of talent. This programme provides a unique opportunity for budding professionals to gain hands-on experience and invaluable industry insights, whilst earning a recognised qualification. Encouraging continuous learning and development, our apprenticeships serve as a solid foundation for launching successful careers in a wide range of technological fields. This enriching experience is not only about acquiring new skills but also about becoming part of a team that works together to solve complex engineering problems and develop creative solutions. We believe in investing in young minds and helping them harness their potential, ensuring a bright future for our industry as well as our company.

Our latest work at Tecker

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