Heavy Industrial

Expert Steelwork Solutions for Versatile Projects

Our experienced workforce can design, manufacture and install steelwork to suit a wide range of projects from simple building frames, to large scale access platforms supporting rotating machinery 5 – 6 tonnes in weight.

Revitalising Infrastructure: Expert Refurbishment of Structures and Equipment

We refurbish all types of bridge scraper plant for circular and rectangular tanks, support structures for a variety of static plant and equipment, fixed pedestrian and mobile access bridges, lifting apparatus, tanks, vessels, and swing bridges in the highway. We can model all structures in 3D to aid our clients in visualising the completed installation. We provide a full set of structural calculations to underpin our design complete with test certificates where appropriate and we can reverse engineer many structures where the details are unknown at the outset of the project.

Efficient and Collaborative Approach to Minimising Customer Disruption and Achieving Deadlines

We are accustomed to working with tight time schedules to minimise the disruption to our customers production, or risk to their operational processes, or to ensure our work is completed within road closure notices. Our extensive workshops and offices accommodate our designers and workforce under one roof which promotes close collaboration and efficient working.

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