South West Water Tertiary Filter Replacement

Scope Of Work

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Scheme included

  • Supply and installation of new filter cloths for the existing Mecana SF6/30 filter which currently still operates with the micro cloth.
  • Provision of 2 Mecana filters manufactured out of 316 stainless steel as per Hydrok drawing SF6/30-STAN-LH-IW
  • Access platforms for access to the new Mecana filters
  • Construction of two new concrete bases for the Mecana filters (5.5X3.5X0.5M) 
  • Location and fixing of the filters on site and installation of the new access platforms and staircase
  • Modification to the existing FST outlet manifold to include a new 600mm gate valve and splitter chamber (with 600mm feed) allowing for individual feeds to the Mecana filters.
  • Fabrication and installation of 63M DN400 SS pipework to feed filters including flowmeters
  • Provision of a 600mm SS316 manifold (25M + filter connections) to collect the filtered flows from the filters and discharge into the inlet of the UV channel and support bracketry
  • Fabrication and installation of new 150mm pipework (46M) and replacement of the existing Mecana de-sludge main
  • Provision of critical spares as identified by Hydrok

Sand Filter Decommissioning Works to include: –

  • Installation of H&S equipment onto sand filter cell. i.e. fall restraint anchor point and lifting gantry, to enable positioning of suction pipework within sand filter cell. Set up of bunding and drainage back to the existing site drainage system.
  • Removal of approx. 84 tonnes of filter sand from each cell (252 tonnes in total) and safe disposal via licenced carrier.
  • Removal of all chequer plate filter covers from the cell
  • Remove existing equipment, currently attached to each flooring support beam ( 5 in total)
  • Via contract lift, undertake the removal of each support beam, in turn and dispose from site via a licensed waste handler
  • Via contract lift remove the sandfilter launders and associated equipment and dispose from site via a licensed waste handler.
  • Permanent isolation by removing connections on the feeds from the FST
  • Decommissioning of compressors and return of units to Tolgus

“Proven track record for delivery of effective, reliable & robust solutions”


Rockwell Automation PLC Hardware.
Intellution SCADA Interface.
ABB Inverter Drives.
ABB Intelligent Motor Control on Profibus Network.
Telemecanique Control Equipment.
Hirschmann Ethernet Hubs and Drivers.
Rockwell – Guardmaster Grab Line Safety System.

“Maintaining operations whilst integrating new control system”

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