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Knowledge is Power

At Tecker, we champion the belief that knowledge is to be harnessed and shared. Our team includes experts spanning a diverse array of fields. Driven by a commitment to knowledge sharing and collaboration, all individuals at Tecker, are empowered to actively participate in exchanging insights and collaborating with one another and our clients. This guiding philosophy unites these individuals, forming a cohesive and robust team.

Employee Future = Tecker Future

At Tecker, we firmly believe in unlocking the potential within each member of our dedicated team.

Over the years, our apprentices have successfully qualified and transitioned into roles such as COMPEX electrical engineers, Project Engineers, and Site Managers. For individuals inclined towards a more hands-on approach, we offer opportunities as panel builders, site electricians, and site mechanical workers. Flexibility is key at Tecker, and we have the capacity to tailor roles to align with individual skills and preferences.

Tecker supports apprenticeships in mechanical, electrical, and ICA fields, ensuring that the knowledge acquired during the program is immediately applicable in real-world work scenarios, complementing the theoretical aspects learned in college.

Our site staff undergo comprehensive training, including certifications in CSCS, Confined Space (C&G 6160-09), and EUSR National Water Hygiene as a minimum standard. We prioritize safety and competence in every aspect of our team’s expertise.

For those who come with existing qualifications, Tecker provides the opportunity to carve out a specialized niche within our organization. Our experienced and trained staff are always eager to share their insights, fostering a collaborative environment that welcomes both new and seasoned professionals to join our dynamic team.

Encouraging Learning

Leveraging the wealth of expertise within our team, we actively encourage team members to carve out their own paths at Tecker. Easy access to training and advancement opportunities not only allows individuals to explore new realms of expertise but also emphasizes continual professional development. Witnessing our team members grow and evolve through ongoing learning energizes and inspires our collective spirit.

Knowledge-Driven Excellence: Over Three Decades of Advancement in the Water Sector

Harnessing a wealth of knowledge, our continuous collaboration with key players such as South West Water, and Jersey Water underscores our expertise.

At the core of our capabilities is an in-house reservoir of knowledge in design and project management, covering the entire spectrum of water treatment and pumping. Our outstanding track record in water treatment attests to our deep-seated experience and expertise. We’ve been catalysts for industry advancement, introducing innovative systems that redefine technological and operational standards. Our success in this knowledge-driven field is built upon enduring partnerships, strategic investments in staff, and skilful relationship management.

Flexibility defines our approach as we tailor our services to meet the diverse knowledge needs of our clients and partners. Whether it’s design-only services or comprehensive design and build solutions, our adaptability shines through. We excel in multi-site operations, offering extensive knowledge in site surveys, asset renewal, and refurbishment.

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of the ever-evolving public sector industry, we prioritize the paramount importance of knowledge, ensuring our solutions align with the highest standards of quality and environmental requirements.

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