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The Tecker Team

The Tecker team is a dynamic blend of dedicated personnel, each with their unique skills and experience. We benefit from a combination of experienced professionals, well-known for their expertise in providing customised solutions that align perfectly with the clients’ needs and young apprentices, eagerly absorbing knowledge and contributing a fresh perspective on technological advancements. This balance ensures that we not only uphold our reputation for high-quality solutions but also continue to innovate and adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of engineering technology.

Our Culture

At Tecker, cultivating a supportive and innovative work culture is at the heart of our operations. We believe in fostering an environment that encourages open communication, collaboration and continuous learning. Our ethos is underpinned by respect for every individual’s unique skills and perspectives, promoting diversity and inclusivity across all levels of the organisation. This, combined with our unwavering commitment to engineering excellence, underlines our collective drive to deliver a first-rate service and innovative solutions. Our culture is not just about doing the job—it’s about taking pride in our contribution to the engineering field and sharing in the common goal of exceeding client expectations.

Building Our Team From The Ground Up

Building a positive work culture is a gradual process that cannot be accomplished overnight. Over the years, we have encountered various challenges, but our sustained commitment to staff development and a longstanding apprenticeship training program has facilitated the journey. A noteworthy achievement is that more than half of our current workforce has undergone training through the Tecker apprenticeship scheme, with many now holding key Senior Managerial roles. From project managers, to electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and everything in between, our ongoing dedication to training and apprenticeships not only allows us to uphold our market standing but also ensures the cultivation of a locally based workforce for the future.

One significant advantage of cultivating your own staff is the early establishment of knowledge and values, fostering the development of behaviours that contribute to an exemplary culture and performance. The understanding that we are collectively responsible and that our actions impact not only individuals but the entire group is a shared acknowledgment, underscoring our interdependence as we endeavour to create a secure and productive environment.

For more information on our comprehensive apprenticeship programme, designed to cultivate the next generation of engineering talent, click the link below…

Our People

We have project managers and engineers who excel in overseeing complex tasks and ensuring they are completed within set timelines and budgets.

Our in-house design team possess a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to creating innovative solutions that meet both technical and commercial requirements.

Darren Olver



Pete Sharp

Project Manager


The Tecker administrative team is the unsung hero of Tecker, ensuring the seamless functioning of our daily operations. Made up of individuals with expert organisational skills and an unwavering attention to detail, they provide effective support, allowing our engineers and technicians to focus on their core tasks.

Pete Sharp

Project Manager


Our site teams are the backbone of our operational success. These highly skilled individuals work on the front line, ensuring the successful execution of our tailored engineering solutions. Trained in the latest safety protocols and equipped with cutting-edge technological tools, our site teams deliver exceptional workmanship, maximising efficiency and minimising operational downtime. Their dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction set them apart, truly embodying the values of Tecker.

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