Our environment

Sustainability: A Commitment - Not a Choice

In an era where our planet’s well-being is at stake, sustainability has become more than just a buzzword – it’s a necessity. It is the cornerstone of a thriving ecosystem, a prosperous society, and a resilient economy. At Tecker, we firmly believe in preserving our environment for future generations, and we understand that achieving this goal requires a collective effort.

Our Path to Net Zero by 2030

Tecker is deeply committed to playing its part in the global fight against climate change. That’s why we have set an ambitious yet achievable goal – to reach Net Zero emissions by 2030. This commitment fuels our everyday operations, influencing every decision we make, from project planning to execution.

To achieve this, we are investing heavily in sustainable practices and technologies. We are continually reviewing and improving our processes to increase energy efficiency, reduce waste, and minimise our carbon footprint. Every step we take on this path brings us closer to a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Future

Innovation is at the heart of our sustainability efforts. At Tecker, we’re using our expertise in the MEICA engineering field to develop services that not only meet our clients’ needs but also help protect the environment.

From designing energy-efficient motor control centres to implementing advanced automation systems that optimise resource use, our solutions are crafted with sustainability in mind.

Solar energy, construction and employees building solar panels in collaboration for sustainability,

Calculating Carbon

At Tecker, we recognise the importance of understanding and evaluating the carbon costs of our installations as part of our commitment to sustainability. We assess and analyse the carbon emissions associated with each project. These calculations take into account various factors, including the energy consumption of our machinery, the carbon footprint of materials used, and the emissions associated with project transportation requirements. This meticulous approach to carbon costing not only aids us in identifying areas for improvement but also enables us to provide our clients with a clearer picture of their project’s environmental impact. Our focus is on creating systems that are not only efficient and reliable but also environmentally friendly.

By choosing Tecker, you’re not just opting for superior quality and exceptional service. You’re also contributing to a healthier, greener planet. Together, let’s pave the way to a sustainable future.

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