Maintenance Services

Building Services

We provide a full range of building services to meet you every need including extensive upgrades of old offices, heating systems, plumbing, re-wiring and decorating internally and externally. Key to our success is our ability to provide these services using our in-house labour force, who are well trained, experienced and fully qualified professionals

Industrial Maintenance

We provide maintenance, repair, optimisation, commissioning and emergency breakdown call-out services for all our clients across a number of industries using a highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals for all your processing-plant equipment and automation solutions.To help improve your plants performance we also provide a Measuring Equipment Calibration and Testing service. This not only helps in correctly measuring your production process but controls the quality of your products, therefore increasing the profitability of your business.

At Tecker we focus on predication and prevention, and are always conscious of the need to avoid costly interruptions to production. We work with the customer to help plan a maintenance strategy by offering a range of service contracts with built-in flexibility to meet your specific needs and budgets.

We provide a 24-hour maintenance service for repairs and breakdowns, to all our clients.