Maintenance Services

Maintenance Options

Virtually all plant and equipment requires periodic maintenance to some degree. For example, belts need adjustment, alignment needs to be maintained, proper lubrication on rotating equipment is required and so on. Lack of maintenance can lead to equipment failure, loss of production and in the worst cases, potential injury and prosecution. Many components require replacement, such as bearings, impellers, mechanical seals - others just need cleaning such as carbon contacts or motor windings to ensure they last for their design life. Any time we fail to perform the maintenance activities intended by the equipment’s designer, we shorten the operating life of the equipment. In addition there are also Statutory Maintenance requirements. In the UK, failure to properly maintain lifting equipment or pressure vessels in accordance with the regulations for example, is against the law.

When it come to maintenance, there is no strategy to fit all situations. Run to destruction may be the best option in some instances - we would be pleased to advise. However, in most cases it pays to be proactive rather than waiting for a piece of equipment to fail. We have experience with many maintenance techniques including preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance or condition based maintenance. We work with our clients to devise a maintenance strategy that suits them.

Reactive and Emergency Works

Our electrical and mechanical workshop facilities allow us to manufacture, fabricate and repair at very short notice a wide cross section of plant and equipment for several industries. We also stock many everyday items and spare parts ranging from mechanical items such as fasteners and fixings, pipework and fittings and assorted steel work to electrical items including cables of all sizes and types and control panel / starter components such as overloads, contactors, timers, protective devices etc. Our large mobile workforce provide 24 hour call-out cover 365 days a year for our clients, and this typically includes work on;

  • PLC controlled process and SCADA systems
  • Integrated mechanical, electrical, instrumentation control systems
  • Conveyors and bulk handling equipment
  • Bottling and washing plants
  • Repair of pumps and pumping systems as a whole
  • Control panel / MCC repair and rebuilds

Our success is due in no small part to our ability to complete our works quickly with minimal interruption to production and our large workforce which span many engineering disciplines can be drawn in immediately to resolve large scale problems if required.

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