Tecker's process engineers are experienced in supporting its customers during various stages of a project. We can work with your process experts from the beginning to develop the P&ID and advance the design all the way through manufacturing and integration, or Tecker can work with your existing engineering resource to manufacture and integrate your systems to an existing design specification.

It is this experience at the plant installation and operational level, coupled with our process expertise that make Tecker a preferred process partner by many manufacturers. Thanks to our loyal following Tecker has added a number of capabilities over the years to support our customers and today we are able to support their projects from concept to completion.

This single point of responsibility for design, pipework, vessel and equipment manufacture, process plant and conveying system supply, system integration, plant and services installation saves our customers time, money and resources.

In addition to providing your core process plant requirements, we are also able to offer effluent treatment plants targeted specifically to meet the needs of your business. Most process plants produce waste discharge in solid, liquid or gaseous form. Our chemists and engineers can provide a close examination of the discharge both on site and in our laboratory, and propose cost effective solutions to minimise utility tariffs or avoid them altogether.

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