Our design process is based on a structured approach involving compliance with a series of key targets, standards, current legislation and specifications, guidance notes, codes of practice and manuals that cover all design, management and support disciplines.

This has been developed and continually improved over many years to capture best practice within industry, as well our own valuable practical experience.

Tecker have an established design capability in Process, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Engineering disciplines. From our operational base in the South West of England the company provides a range of technical services centred on the design of both low and high level technologies, specialising in process control across a wide variety of industries.

The Company's excellent reputation has been built on its ability to design, engineer and implement technically competent, cost effective solutions to engineering challenges. We utilise the capability and experience of our qualified, highly skilled and multi-disciplined in house staff, encouraging initiative and lateral thought at all stages of project design and implementation.

Our philosophy in both mechanical and electrical design is to encourage the designer and workshop staff to work closely together. Feedback from the shop floor helps to promote designs that can be manufactured and assembled more efficiently, whilst eliminating the need to subcontract avoids duplicating markups - a cost which would otherwise be charged to the project.

Having the facilities and resources to offer a design and construct capability off-site can provide significant savings in cost and time whilst ensuring the quality of manufacturing and fabrication work is checked at every stage of production.

We use modern software packages in our design work as they save considerable amounts of time and help eliminate errors. These include a 3D package that allows the end user to participate in the design process much more easily and we can offer an equivalent service for electrical panel design, field wiring and pump selection.

Design and Construct

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