Hydrogen Peroxide Dosing Systems

Hydrogen Peroxide provides an effective means of purifying and detoxifying industrial and municipal effluents. Over the last 7 years, Tecker engineers have successfully designed and installed HP storage and dosing systems on water and waste water treatment plants to enhance water quality.

HP is environmentally friendly in so far as its by-products, water and oxygen, do not represent any risk, but it is a chemical for which storage and handling are safe only as long as strict safety principles are known and respected by the designer, installer and operator. The diverse nature of HP storage and dosing systems with regard to different concentrations, dosing rates, size and location of the tanks, generally make each design unique. Our designs therefore, are tailored to meet our customers specific needs. We work in strict accordance with the European Chemical Industry codes of practice, and typically use class 1 materials that are fully compatible with HP and suitable for long-term contact with strengths up to 70%

Waste water treatment Hydrogen Peroxide dosing

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Skid mounted Hydrogen Peroxide storage and dosing plant 3D Model Waste water treatment Hydrogen Peroxide dosing Hydrogen Peroxide bulk storage and day tank Hydrogen Peroxide presentation