Tecker offices and workshops in Falmouth.

Operating from the South West of England we have 55,000 sq ft of offices and workshops, we work on projects throughout the UK and overseas. Our extensive facilities enable us to provide a complete service package to our clients.

Project Management and Design Offices

Tecker's in-house team of highly motivated Project Managers and engineers come from a range of disciplines including process, chemical, electrical, mechanical, civil and software engineering. Our staff occupy 15,000 sq ft of office space and utilise the latest software drawing, modelling and design packages.

Electrical Workshops

In our extensive electrical workshops facilities, we manufacture control panels and motor control centres, and repair AC and DC equipment. Our staff are qualified to work with Hazardous Area Equipment, and in our 20,000 sq ft of workshops we can dismantle, assemble, test and certify all electrical apparatus before leaving our factory.

Mechanical Workshops

Our mechanical workshops comprise 20,000 sq ft and accommodate welding, fabrication, mechanical fitting, machining, painting and Storage Areas. Each area is segregated in accordance with our hygiene code and good engineering practice.

Research and Development

Tecker have invested heavily in research and development. Our dedicated laboratory and control system testing facilities, are frequently used by our engineers and customer's staff. Most of our innovations are developed in-house, but many are also the result of our close collaboration with customers and cooperation ventures with universities and institutes of technology.

Laboratory and Analytical Testing

Our in-house facility allows us to provide a range of qualitative and quantitative determination of the constituents of influents and effluents for the Water, Manufacturing and Food Sectors, which provides feedback to our design teams to prove designs or analyse problems with our clients process plant.

Training Facilities and Conference Rooms

Tecker can provide a series of training rooms, a large auditorium for a conference, and meeting rooms for our staff and clients that feature modern audio visual technology, and easy to use audio visual equipment, with high speed internet access. In addition to our meeting rooms, dedicated areas within our workshops have been set a side for in-house training, coordinated by our training department.

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